Mail Tweak

What's New
Jun 28, 2010
  • Preview version for Thunderbird 3.1
  • New mail account tweak to replace the Mail Account Setup wizard
  • Defer tweak to process messages later

Mail Tweak

Mail Tweak is an extension for Thunderbird 3 (with an older version available for Thunderbird 2). It provides a variety of fixes and enhancements.

Mail Tweak's user interface is in US English. An older version is available in Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German and Polish.

The tweaks

Mail Tweak provides dozens of tweaks, which can almost all be enabled and disabled independently. A few tweaks are enabled by default, and some are always enabled.

For descriptions of all the tweaks, see: Tweaks

Using Mail Tweak

Configure Mail Tweak by using its Options dialog (or Preferences dialog, depending on your operating system).

To open the Mail Tweak Options dialog when you first install Mail Tweak, press the Options... button at the bottom of the About Mail Tweak window.

To open the Mail Tweak Options dialog at any other time, choose Tools – Add-ons. On the Extensions page, select Mail Tweak. Then press its Options button.

For a picture of the Options dialog, see: screenshots

After making a change, optionally check the box: Reload windows to apply changes now. If you check this box, then Mail Tweak will try to apply your changes immediately, and Thunderbird's main windows will be reset. Alternatively, restart Thunderbird after making changes.

Note:  Reloading the Compose window does not always work, because Thunderbird might reuse an old Compose window that has not loaded the new settings. To work around this, restart Thunderbird.

Mail Tweak project and web site
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For source code, see Source code. Mail Tweak is built using a tool based on the Calendar Help project's BuildHelp tool.

Parts of Mail Tweak's web site are owned and copyrighted by the web site's hosting provider,, or by others, and are separately licensed.


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