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Mail Tweak uses the bug-tracking system, Bugzilla, to track all work that needs to be done—not only mistakes that need to be put right, but bigger issues too.

Please do not report minor errors in pre-release versions. If you find a minor error, wait until there is a full release. If the error is still present in the full release, then report it.

Please do report serious errors. For example: Mail Tweak does not install, or Mail Tweak breaks the base product, or Mail Tweak crashes your computer.

Also report wider issues—for example, a feature that is not in the current design, and that you need for an important purpose.

If you plan to report a new bug, please check that it is not already in Bugzilla. If it is already there and you have any more information about it, you can comment on it.

Latest bugs filed for mailtweak

Bug #Description
24230 Feature request: Status message cache: Please allow 0 as value for display time
24229 Installation of Mail Tweak breaks Attach button in compose window (TB5)
24099 Need to update for new Thunderbird versioning
24023 Reply and foward messages as digest...
24022 Disabling Address Lines doesn't work
23874 Cause mail folders to disappear in Thunderbird 3.1.9 in Windows XP
23682 Bcc by default everywhere...
23631 Personalize messages: Error when using address book field and image
23615 Personalize messages: CSV delimiter should be selectable to allow for semicolons
23547 Mailtweak interferes with Thunderbird's Pref "mailnews.sendInBackground"

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