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This page contains download links and installation instructions for Mail Tweak.

Installing Mail Tweak

To use Mail Tweak, you should normally have Thunderbird 3.0 or a later release.

You can install an older version of Mail Tweak in Thunderbird 2, but some of the information on this site does not relate to that older version.

Install Mail Tweak in any of the normal ways that you install an extension.

Installation example

For example, in Thunderbird choose Tools – Add-ons from the menu bar. Drag the link below and drop it in Thunderbird's Add-ons window.

Wait for the download, and allow the installation to proceed.

Restart Thunderbird.

Alternative installation example

For another example, download and save the file to install later.

Start Thunderbird, then in Thunderbird choose Tools – Add-ons. Press the Install... button, and select the file that you saved.


Do not click the download link in Firefox or SeaMonkey.
Drag the link and drop it in Thunderbird's Add-ons window, or save the file to install later. In other web browsers, if the drop does not work, click the link and save the file to install later.

Here is a preview of the latest version for Thunderbird 3. This English-only preview has some new tweaks, but it is not well tested.


Here is an older version for Thunderbird 2:


Note:   Mail Tweak version numbers have no relationship to Thunderbird version numbers.

Other downloads

If the download link gives you a "file not found" error, go to the mirrors list to find other mirror sites that you can try. At a mirror site, choose mailtweak from the list of projects.


For questions or comments about Mail Tweak, please use this thread in the mozillaZine Extension/Theme Releases forum: Mail Tweak (for Thunderbird)

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